Six year old Grayson was surrendered to the shelter & ultimately relinquished to NCWR. How lucky for Grayson & his new
family, who were looking for a dog just like him! Grayson is a very loving, good natured boy, who only wanted his own
family & his new family had been looking for an adult dog to love & join in their activities. A chance meeting with a family
member brought them together & resulted in this fairy tale ending!  Grayson's first love is his new family, but his ball is his
second love, so there will be lots of free running & ball chasing every day. His other pastimes will be a daily walk or jog in
his Menlo Park neighborhood & visits to the large park across the street from his home, where he can romp with his local
dog friends.  Mom says Grayson is very happy & loves to follow his new "human brother" around. At night, he has a choice
of people to snuggle with, who all want him in their bed!  Grayson will also accompany his Dad to work & attend
obedience class.

Luna was left alone most of the time & kept escaping so her previous owner surrendered her to NCWR.  After a stay with
NCWR's Rock Star Fosters, Luna was ready for her Furever Home.  Luna will be a busy girl now keeping her Stay-at-Home
Mom & Dad company! Luna & Mom & Dad will go for for daily walks & she will accompany them everywhere.  As Luna is
an "Only Child", she will be a Pampered Princess.  Dad says Luna is already comfortable in her new home & loves snuggling
in bed with her new parents.  Luna has already met new playmates at the nearby park in Visalia. Happy New Year Luna!

Graham's previous family moved from their home with a large yard to the city that did not have a yard. But Graham got
just the home he was dreaming about, just in time for the new year...a home on acreage in Petaluma with lots of new
playmates! His new family fell in love with Weimaraners many years ago when they babysat one & now their dreams have
come true as well, with the adoption of Graham!   new playmates include several dogs & a kitty. Graham can also
accompany his new Dad to work! Dad says that Graham is happy & they are so so happy to have him!  Graham's new Mom
& Dad are avid runners & hikers & enjoy time in the mountains, so Garaham is enjoying his 6 mile hikes!

Schroeder needed a new home as his previous Mom did not have enough time to give him exercise & play time. But
Schroeder got just what he needed for a Happy New Year with his new Mom, Stay-at-Home Dad, six year old Weimaraner
girl, Abby & Gizmo the kitty. There's is also a flock of chickens, hens & roosters at his new Red Bluff home.  Shroeder &
Abby have lots of playtime in the backyard throughout the day & two nice walks a day.They will visit the nearby river &
lakes & play with the family dogs at social gatherings! Happy New Year Schroeder!

Bentley found himself needing a new home for Christmas that could give him more attention & exercise than he was
getting. Bentley's' letters to Santa were answered & he got his new home for Christmas, with his new Dad who recently lost
his  Weimaraner boy to cancer. Bentley is enjoying the companionship of his 2 new housemates, Betty, the  11 year old
Chocolate Lab girl & Shea, the 4 year Golden Retriever/Chow mix girl. His new home in Santa Cruz, a mile from the beach,
is somewhat of a sanctuary, a small urban ranch complete with chicken coop, bees & a Monarch Butterfly Flower Garden.  
Dad is an artist who studied with William Wegman & practices with his band in his recording studio. Bentley, Betty & Shea,
like spending time with the musicians when they are in session! Bentley & his girls are rarely alone & accompany Dad
everyday for rides...running errands & ending the day at the dog park. When their busy day is done, they all snuggle in
Dad's bed & dream about tomorrow's adventures!

Indy's family was too busy to give him the attention he deserved, so he spent much of his time in boarding. But Indy's life
has improved since being adopted by his new family in Larkspur!
With a Stay-at-Home Mom, a Jogger Dad & 2 human playmates, Indy will be a busy boy! Indy & his Dad will love their daily
jogging routine & Indy the family will enjoy hiking on the trails behind their home. They will also be frequent visitors to
nearby Limantour  Beach! We wish you a happy life, Indy!  

Skye & her house mate were confiscated by the local shelter & later returned to the extended family. Skye was
subsequently surrendered to NCWR. But Skye has found the perfect Forever Home with experienced Weimaraner
aficionados who adopted their first Weimaraner in 1994 & have adopted 4 Weimaraners since then. Skye's dream family
in Tucson includes a Work-from-Home Dad, a Stay-at-Home Mom & 9 year old Bruno, adopted from NCWR in 2010. Mom
says Skye is very curious, silly & such a love! Skye & Bruno enjoy their several mile walks, twice a day & end their day
snuggling in bed with Mom & Dad! We are all so happy for Skye!

Twain's family purchased him from a breeder in Kentucky, but almost immediately realized that they had made a mistake
& underestimated  the amount of time needed to raise a puppy. But Twain's timing was impeccable as his new family lost
their senior Weimaraner boy just 2 weeks before Twain needed a home. He couldn't have chosen a more perfect home
than the one in a quiet, rural mountain neighborhood in Ben Lomond, complete with a river across the road from their
home. Twain has two human playmates & a Mom & Dad who knows what is needed to raise a great dog from puppyhood!
They will have wonderful family time hiking, vacationing at the Russian River several times a year, going to the dog park &
of course, plenty of snuggle time!

Sweet Rocky is in his Furever Home & Rocky & his new Mom & Dad couldn't be happier! Rocky's owner had moved & left
him in her sister's care, until she surrendered Rocky to us. But Rocky had suffered significant neglect & came to us with a
mass & ruptured ear drums from severe & prolonged ear infections. Rocky's new Mom, an experienced WeimMomm,
wanted a companion to keep her company while she works from home, so Rocky will have lots of companionship. Rocky
has already become Mom's shadow & never lets her out of his sight! Mom says Rocky has a stubborn streak & is really
good at letting her know what his demands are. Rocky's new BF is 14 month old Murphy, the Chocolate Lab, who belongs
to his new Grandma. Their properties connect so, Rocky & Murphy enjoy romping together on their acreage in Las Vegas!

Rookie needed too much attention from his previous family who were trying to juggle his needs with that of their 5
children.  Now, Rookie has the home that all Weimaraners dream about! His new home is on acreage in Salinas with his
new dad, stay-at-home mom & lots of new playmates! Rookie now lives with Weimaraner girls, Macy 12 years old & Lucy 5
years old, but his new best friend is the 6 year old Vizsla girl, Reva! Rookie & his girls follow mom while she does her ranch
chores including feeding the 3 resident horses. Rookie & girls will socialize with other dogs at the beach, accompany mom
on shopping trips, go on trail rides & visit family. Rookie will even train to compete in Rally Obedience! With all of that
activity, Rookie is a happy boy!

Cairo was found as an injured stray but when his family was found, they surrendered him to the shelter.
Unfortunately, Cairo's problems didn't end there. Further Vet examination uncovered a Grade 4 heart murmur & an
enlarged left heart. But becasue of Cairo's super sweet nature, he was adopted by a family with a heart of gold! Mom says
he is a very good boy, goofy & very affectionate! He & new playmate,  9 year old Weimaraner girl Misty May are a lot alike
& are very "chatty" with each other! Cairo & Misty May will go on daily hikes & walks in their Dublin neighborhood, car
rides & to the beach. Mom says they LOVE him!

Rose's previous owner didn’t have the time to devote to her but since Rose's new parents lives revolve around taking care
of 2 1/2 year-old Weimaraner boy, Rapha, they were prepared to dote on Rose as well.  Rapha & Rose enjoy twice daily
romps at the river near their Fair Oaks home & home cooked meals.  Rose is a water baby so Rose & Rapha enjoy splashing
& swimming in their private pool, too!  Rose will have a busy lifestyle accompanying Mom & Dad on kayaking trips & even
competing in FastCAT, timed 100 yard doggy dash!  Evenings are reserved for playtime with lots of time left over for
snuggling with Mom & Dad.

The foster home for Ariel & Sebastian has decided to keep them both.

Claudius was purchased from a breeder in Idaho, but his owner's health issues prevented her from being able to exercise
him & he spent much of the day in a crate. But Claudius has a great life now with his new playmate & housemate Gracie, a
5 year old Vizsla girl.  Claudius & Gracie keep their Work-from-Home Mom company all day & keep their 3 human
playmates busy! Aside from their daily walks & romps, the family will enjoy hiking & visiting the Dog Parks in their
Livermore neighborhood. On weekends the family will take trips to the lake & go camping in the mountains!
Available Weims in Northern California
Even though you don't see your perfect dog here today,
don't despair. We constantly get new dogs. Many dogs
never post to our site as the right, approved home is
waiting when the dog comes to us.  It is important to
become home-approved to be on that list.

We cannot place dogs in homes with kids younger
than 5 years old.  Weimaraners can be too
rambunctious for toddlers.
As your beloved
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SCOOBY is a 12 y/o blue male Weimaraner. Scooby is a handsome senior boy with a bit of grey
on his muzzle and a lot of energy and love left to give! He loves going to the beach and chasing
his ball. Just watch his video! He loves getting attention from people, gets along well with all
other dogs, and even has experience living with an indoor kitty! Scooby would love a home with
a dog or cat companion to keep him company while his family is away. He knows basic
commands: sit, lay down, and even shake hands – especially if treats are involved (and he takes
them gently)! Scooby is house trained, leash trained and has great recall – always checks in the
make sure he knows where his people are. He loves playing with stuffed toys and dissecting
them. However, Scooby’s favorite activity is snuggling with his humans in their bed at the end of
the day! He has had wonderful vet care that includes senior blood work. He is neutered,
heartworm negative, and current on vaccines. His adoption fee is $150.  Scooby is fostered in San
Francisco. If you are interested in adopting handsome Scooby, please fill out an
ROYCE is a 3 year old male Weimaraner with beautiful Dobie markings. These unique markings
are known as “mark of the hound”. His minty green eyes and buttery soft nose will melt your
heart! Royce was initially extremely thin when he came into our care but he is now at the perfect
weight with great musculature as a result of wonderful care and a good diet in his amazing foster
home. Royce is a VERY loving boy! His foster mom says "he has never met a person he does not
LOVE."  He gets along well with all other dogs (best with medium and large dogs) and loves to
play with them! He also enjoys spending time romping with other dogs in daycare. Royce enjoys
lots of daily exercise. He loves his 4-5 mile brisk walks daily and is working on becoming a jogging
partner. He is also learning new obedience skills in his foster home and would love to learn more
and bond with his new family in obedience classes.  We found that Royce has some very mild
seizures, which vets say are not serious and are being treated with medication. His foster mom
says that "his seizures are such an insignificant part of who Royce is." We are looking for a home
for him in which he has very little time home without his humans or someone who uses doggy
daycare. As he is slightly special needs, his adoption fee is $100. If you are interested in adopting
this beautiful and loving boy, please fill out an