A Few Success Recent Stories!
We'll be celebrating Wulfie's 1st birthday this week.  Here is a game
of 'king of the hill' on that fresh pile of leaves and wood chips.  He's such a
great boy!                                                                                          ...Mack
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loving homes. However, studies show that pets may help
elderly pet owners live longer, happier, more enjoyable lives.
Many elderly pet owners report that their pet gives them a sense
of purpose, motivates them to be more active, and helps them
feel better when they are sad or sick. Jan Zones, a 50 year
resident of Atherton, California, adopted Sadie through
Northern California Weimaraner Rescue in 2007. At that time
Sadie was about 5 years old and Jan was 83. Now, Jan is an
elegant 88 years young and sweet Sadie is 10. The bond that Jan
between humans and pets. Although Jan’s family visits
frequently and care givers provide her with essential support,
Sadie is her constant companion. Sadie sits next to Jan on the
bed or sofa while Jan strokes Sadie's ears and tells her how
beautiful and wonderful she is. Sadie returns the complements
by looking adoringly to Jan. How great to see these two move
through life and their golden years with the joy and comfort that
comes from the human-animal bond!
This photo pretty well sums it up.  Salem (left) and Max are living the
has been a perfect fit. We think they are both quite content in their forever
has been a perfect fit. We think they are both quite content in their forever
home...Bill and Michelle
telling me he wants to go for his walk...The one on the bed the
couch is in the evening when he is tired after his long day
with his family. We just love having Artie in our Family. And
the cats love him too...Theresa
Hello all! Just wanted to
doing great and has become a
perfect addition to our
family. He is doing well, and
gives us joy everyday. I
wanted to thank all of you
who helped us through the
process of getting him. We
really appreciate all you did
for us, and all that you do for
these wonderful dogs. Take
these wonderful dogs. Take
care and bless you all.
The Ramos family.