Please submit an application as the first step in getting approved for adoption or fostering.  An
NCWR team member will call you within two or three days.

For the safety of adopting families and our rescue dogs, we do not place dogs in homes with
children under 5​ years old unless it is a puppy or the dog has a known, positive history of
living with babies & toddlers.
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1 - Last Name
2 - First Name
3 - Email
4 - Primary Phone
4 - Is this a cell phone?
5 - Secondary Phone
6 - Street Address
7 - City
8 - State
9 - Zip
10 - How did you hear about us?:
11 - Are you interested in adopting or fostering?:
12 - Why do you want to adopt or foster?
13 - Tell us about your Weimaraner experience?
14 - What are your age & gender preferences?
15 - What other pets do you currently have?
16 - If you have dogs now, are they neutered?
17 - Tell us about your past pets?
18 - List family members in your home and their ages.
19 - All family members agree with this decision?
20 - List adults' occupations and the hours they are away from home.
21 - Do you own your home?
22 - If you rent, can you provide a letter from your landlord
granting permission to add a large dog to the household?:
23 - Where will the dog stay while you are away from home?
24 - Tell us about your yard and fencing.
25 - Where will the dog be when you are at home?:
26 - Where will the dog stay when you are away on vacation?:
27 - Where will the dog sleep?:
28 - List all activities you plan for the dog:
29 - How will you train your dog?
30 - Who is your veterinarian?:
NCWR Adoption Requirements

If you cannot keep a dog we place with you, it must be returned to NCWR.

All dogs placed through NCWR must be spayed or neutered prior to, or shortly
after adoption.

A signed contract and the applicable adoption fee are due at time of placement.
31 - Have you read and agree to these requirements?
32 - Do you have any other information you would like to provide?: