How to Adopt a Weimaraner
Ginger chills in her new forever home
Is a Weimaraner the Right Dog for Me?

Honestly evaluate your lifestyle and expectations.  A Weimaraner is a
specific breed very different from other breeds of dogs.  Before obtaining a your
life to get a dog.  For more information about the Weimaraner Breed, please go to
the Weimaraner Club of Americal Website at:

FILL OUT our                                                   and submit it.  We must have an
application on file for everyone interested in adopting a Weimaraner.   We will keep
your application for 6 months.  We list many Weimaraners and possibly the dog for
you will not show up for several months.  Your application may be submitted via
e-mail or we will take your phone application by calling 925-385-5275 .  We screen
each application when they come in and will contact you.  

us know if you see a dog that appeals to you.  Please consider all dogs, not just the
youngest ones.  Our list changes often so check frequently.  

Once we find a Weimaraner that interests you, then arrangements can be made to
meet the dog to determine if it is the dog for you.  We will also arrange for a home
inspection visit by one of our volunteers.

If all are in agreement, we will have you sign our Adoption Agreement and the dog
will go with you.  We will check with you to see if the adoption is going well and to
help you solve any problems which may arise.

We do request that a donation be made to Northern California Weimaraner Rescue
for the rescue dog.  Expenses may include spay/neuter, vet care, shots, boarding,
transportation, food and advertising.  We operate solely on the generosity of
On-Line Application
We are in need  of foster families to accept a dog from a shelter. Sadly,
we only have a short period of time to rescue these animals from
shelters before they become  sick or are euthanized. This creates a
need to place these dogs in homes with no other animals, or homes
with the ability to separate the shelter dog on very short notice. We
can generally arrange long term foster within two weeks. We guarantee
that you will find this rewarding, and we will help you succeed. Please
contact if you can help.